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I’ve has been writing since I was eleven, and writing has always been a great passion of mine. It helped me make sense of my life, and it also helped me through tough times. I’ve traveled a lot as a kid but I’m originally from Seattle, Washington. As I grew up I played with all different types of mediums such as script-writing, poetry, journalism, short stories, and much more.  I found a niche in writing fantasy novels and blogging. My favorite fantasies to write involve other humanoid species living in a contemporary world.

Early 2010s

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Early 2010s 

9/17/10 My Inspiration, My Hero

Written for one of my first college assignments at Pikes Peak Community College. 

My inspiration was always my dad. He was supportive of anything you wanted to do within reason. He realized everyone had flaws. He never picked on these flaws; in fact, he tried to help you use your strengths to help your weaknesses not be so weak. It was asked of many how they felt when he was around, and most people just felt cheerful when he entered the room, even when he was at work. He was a hard-working man, who when he was volunteered to do things he didn’t want to do he’d still do them.  He was the stubborn type, and yes, I’m aware that is a negative word, but even my dad used it to describe himself. When he was talking to a child his voice would soften. All children and pets trusted and smiled when he’d give them his attention. He loved to joke about everyone and everything. He’d retell stories of the past just enough for you to memorize the whole thing, but you’d give him the respect of listening to it, if you saw how happy it made him. He was so gentle when someone had a bad day, and it’s like he knew how to cheer people up.

With me, specifically, he was all I said above. He supported my writing, but he did encourage me to broaden my horizon. He knew when I was showing him my drawings to only look at the ones I wanted to show him. He’d always be happy for me. He didn’t always like my taste in music, but he’d always introduce me to new music that sounded like what I liked. When I didn’t want to learn basic boring guitar stuff, he taught me intros to songs I’d recognize. He loved to hear me goof off on my cherry red guitar. He knew me so well, so when he got me gifts they were always so thoughtful and they fit me perfectly. He knew what kind of jokes I liked and how to help me with things that I wasn’t so good at. I wasn’t the best at writing essays, let’s be honest, I’m still not; but my dad knew I was good at creative writing, so he tried to get me use my creative writing skills on my school  essays. During Christmas last year, instead of my dad reading ‘Twas the Night before Christmas; my dad wrote his own version and though it didn’t rhyme like the original it was much better because each one of his kids was in it. It was so funny.

Dad was always trying to get me out of the house to do things other things, but we went to places I wanted to see this one time including the cemetery where Jimi Hendrix was born; that way we were both happy. He got to show me where Jimi Hendrix, his favorite artist, was buried, and I got to take pictures of a cemetery like I wanted then we went to this library that’s built over a river. It was so cool.

The reason my dad has always been my hero is because ever since I was a little baby he was there or me when I needed him. He used to read to me, and he taught me how to burp, which for a baby is always good.  Anyway, as I grew up he’s always been there for me. When I was afraid to have my heel cords lengthened he hopped on a plane to assure me everything would be fine. He stayed a few days after to spend some time with us.

10/13/11 The Eyes

Written in 2011 and published in the Global Writing Community E-Magazine Oct. 2020 edition

The Eyes

12/3/11 Respect for the Dead Please and the One Left Behind 

A blurb I wrote after a friend I wrote after a friend had passed away about a year after my dad had passed away. I had been hearing horrible things about both things when I wrote things, but I was on the fence about posting it until I was on the phone and realized that I still very much feel this way with age. 

Recently a friend of mine and many other people, Scarlett Paxton, died. And the year before that my father, Keith Gabbert, passed away. And recently I've discovered a lot of people don't have respect for the dead or the ones left behind grieving. And my question is why? Why the heck do people get to talk shit when either a. they've never been through something like that or b. you didn't know the person who passed. Can we go back to the "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all.", please? I mean, I've seen the world going to hell, but what happened to decency and respect for anyone? If you are a good person, like so many people I met and love, then you'd simply be there for someone in need. I don't see the point of shutting people out of your life because they lost a loved one or why people talk shit about someone you DID NOT know. It upsets the people grieving even more to read the stupid bullshit comments on a news article. If you want to actually help, help. If not, shut your mouth and kindly walk off. Grieving over a loved one is hard enough without extra bullshit. 


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3/17/12 Press Release for Drag Me to Hell

This is the press release for my first book. I may not have wrote the press release, but I wrote the book, and I'm very proud of that. 

Once Again, There Can Be Only One

Kaylyn Gabbert’s new book pins immortal against immortal


– In the cult classic film series, “Highlander,” the immortal Connor McLeod, played by Christopher Lambert, was forced to battle a long line of immortals known as highlanders, all called together for an event known as “The Quickening.” It is here, that only one can survive, for “There can be only one.” Touching on similar ideas in her new book,

(Drag Me to Hell

published by AuthorHouse), author Kaylyn Gabbert pins immortal against immortal in an exciting new story of adventure.


Gabbert tells the story of Bailey, an immortal who has the ability to turn others into immortals. She wants nothing more than to start the world anew, creating a superior people, an immortal people.

follows the protagonist, a young girl named Pandora, who becomes one of her victims.

Drag Me to Hell


He began to explain who that was and how he was going to look out for me until I learned to use my powers correctly.


“What powers, Matt?” I asked calmly.


I was always one to at least hear people out even if nothing made any sense. I was good about keeping my cool.


“When you become immortal powers tend to kick in,” he explained as we crossed the street. “We all get physically stronger. Have you even noticed you left your crutches back home?”


As Bailey continues her mission, some of the immortals begin to fight back. It is then that things begin to grow out of hand.


“I want people to know how important the choices they make are,” explains Gabbert. “It’s not just basic good and evil. All their choices have consequences.”


About the Author

Kaylyn Gabbert has wanted to write since she was 11 years old. Her goal is to go to school to better her skills. She is from Seattle, Washington, but her travels take her across the country. She hopes to write more books. When she's not writing she's into reading, photography, and designing.



, an Author Solutions, Inc. self-publishing imprint, is

a leading provider of book publishing, marketing, and bookselling services for authors around the globe and offers the industry’s only suite of Hollywood book-to-film services.

Committed to providing the highest level of customer service, AuthorHouse assigns each author personal publishing and marketing consultants who provide guidance throughout the process. Headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, AuthorHouse celebrated 15 years of service to authors in Sept. 2011.For more information or to publish a book visit

or call 1-888-519-5121. For the latest, follow @authorhouse on Twitter.


12/31/12 An Excerpt of Head Hunters 

This was one of the earliest drafts to part of chapter fifteen of my book Head Hunters. It may have changed a bit between 2012 and 2015 when it was officially published. 

It was really comfortable waking up in my bed. I smelled French toast being made, so I hopped out of bed and ran downstairs. When I saw my mom I froze dead in my tracks. I tried to brace myself for what was to come next. She was going to act like she missed me and be way too overly nice at first then once she knew how long I’d be home she’d get back to making me feel like I was shit beneath her feet.

She turned and smiled the fakest smile ever and said, “Hey Angel, I didn’t know you were going to visit.”

“Neither did I.” I plastered on the fakest smile I could. “How are you?”

“I’m great. Why don’t you get us some plates and forks?”

“Three, right?” Even as the words left my lips I knew it was just her and me.

“Actually, only two,” she replied. “Your dad had to go to work early; something about a surprise meeting.”

I ran back to my room without meaning to. My feet just took me there. I found my phone on my nightstand. I quickly dialed Dad’s number. He wouldn’t leave me here alone with her. He promised. I turned on my music loudly as it rang a bunch before my dad picked up.

“Hey kiddo, I’m so sorry. I thought I’d be home by the time you woke up. There was a meeting I had to be at, and I wanted to you to get as much sleep as you could. Do you need me to come home right now? I can leave right now if you need me there.”

“Dad, I’ll ask Mom if we can go out. She’s too afraid to ruin her reputation that I’ll be safe if we’re in public.”

“Are you sure?”

“How much longer is your meeting?”

“Another twenty minutes.”

“Then I won’t take you away from it. I’ll ask Mom if we can go out during breakfast.”

Dad sighed, and I felt bad.

“Please be safe, Angel.”

“Of course, Dad.”


About half an hour later, Mom and I were going to the mall.

“So are you going to finally try on some girl clothes?”

I looked down at my band T-shirt and mini skirt I was wearing over my jeans. It may not have been the most girly thing I could come up with, but I’d always been a tom boy and the style I was wearing I was comfortable in. I readjusted my arm warmers as I became more fidgety. Maybe I should have asked Dad to come home while I barricaded myself in my room.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” I asked with a twinge of attitude in my voice as my heart dropped a bit.

“You look like such a boy.”

I muttered, “Really? In my miniskirt?” as I stared out the window watching buildings slide out of my view.

She snapped. “What did you say?!”

I shook my head. “I didn’t say anything… Of course I’ll wear something girly…”

As we kept driving, Mom took a turn out of the city.

“M-Mom, wh-where are we g-going?”

“I just want to show you something. It’s no big deal, Angel. Quit over-reacting.”

My gut told me it was a big deal and that I needed to be on guard. While Mom’s eyes were on the road I slipped my hands stealthily into my purse hooking my Zune and headphones together. I slid the headphone up my shirt. When we hit the last red light out of town I slid on my leather jacket Dad gave me last Christmas on. As we started moving again I silently moved my Zune to my inside jacket pocket.

“What are you doing?!”

“I’m cold…”

I then stealthily slid an ear bud into my right ear making sure my hair was covering it. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a minute. There were so many red dots as I started my music quietly. She was bringing me to the Head Hunters. I silently gulped as the car got closer to the Head Hunters. It was best to not show fear at a time like this. The car came to a stop in the desert where there was no place to hide for them or me.

“Get out, Angel.”

I hopped out bravely. Mom sped off after taking cash from one Head Hunter. I looked at the twenty surrounding me. I stood strong. I wasn’t going down without a fight… Now if only I knew how to fight… 

7/20/2013 The Perfect Wedding Toast 

Originally simply called 'Last Night's Dream' because I didn't know how important this would be to me this is a short story actually based on a dream I had. 

February 23, 2023

I was dancing with my husband at my wedding when my dad cut in. I was so shocked and happy. We danced for a couple of songs as Dad and I caught up. Then Papa Chico wanted to dance with me, and Dad went to go talk to Richard. Dad told Richard how happy he was for us and how much he was glad Richard was in my life. They got to talk through a few songs as well, and Dad made Richard so happy that Richard was crying happy tears. We went to go sit down for dinner, and Dad did the first toast. I can remember Dad's toast almost word for word. Dad started, "I know this day's all about Kaylyn and Richard, but I have to say something first. To the bride's side of the family thank you so much for being there for my daughter through everything. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet all of you in person before this. I'm so glad my daughter is lucky enough to have you all in her life. And to the Chicos, thank you so much for taking my daughter in and treating her like your own. I appreciate it and I know my daughter does too. You've all made my daughter and son-in-law so very happy." He took a pause tearing up happily then continued, "Now to the happy couple. I am so very happy for you two. Ever since these two met you could definitely tell there was a spark between the two of them. Ever since the beginning they have been encouraging each other to be the best they could be, and they have always been there for each other through it all. They've had years of happiness, and I wish them many more years of happiness. You two are a perfect couple, and I'm so glad you have each other." As his toast came to an end I looked around with tears in my eyes and everyone was just as happy and moved by his speech. I then looked at Richard and wiped some of his happy tears away gently as I kissed him sweetly.

12/22/13 Drag Me to Hell

A little taste of my first book with a few reviews. 

Drag Me to Hell (blog post)

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3/20/14 A Spill Out

A blog post that talks about some of the characters of Head Hunters and who inspired them. 

A Spill Out

3/21/14 Author I Want to Be

Sometimes learning that your favorite author has ghost writers do a lot of their writing for them really shows you who you want to be. 

Author I Want to Be

4/24/14 The Hell Trillogy: Protagonist vs. Antagonist

I realized I was a bit of both of my protagonist and antagonist from the very beginning of writing Drag Me to Hell. 

The Hell Trilogy: Protagonist vs. Antagonist

6/1/14 BookCon

This was my view on my first time at BookCon, and I still hope to attend more in the future. 

BookCon (blog post)

6/12/14 Kaylyn's Protagonists: Realizations and Fears

This is how my main four protagonists got me through the four toughest parts of my life. I do not share this with the intent to hurt people from my past. I have done my best to mend fences, but I'm still very proud of this piece after all these years. 

Kaylyn's Protagonists: Realizations and Fears

7/7/14 Self Discovery: Characters I Create

This was the beginning of when I realized how much music was a huge part of my creative process as well as part of who I am even if I primarily write stories. 

Self Discovery: Characters I Create

10/23/14 Interview with Kaylyn Gabbert 

I had emulated an interview I had seen with a best-selling author, so people could get to know me at the time. 


Interview with Kaylyn Gabbert 

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2/2/15 In the Head- Fight for Equality

This is a blog of how I started the sequel to Head Hunters which actually blew up into three amazing spin-offs. 

In my Head- Fight for Equality

6/5/15 What a Wonderful Day!

This is about my second BookCon and fangirling about both Head Hunters coming out as well as my promotional materials for Head Hunters. 

What a Wonderful Day!

9//8/15 Time Well Spent

For one of my creative writing projects in college my brother, Eric helped inspire me. He also helped me understand it was best to put it as a one shot idea in my Hell Trilogy universe.

Richard and I were on our fourth or fifth date ever, and I was rambling about how we were at my favorite restaurant. I used to go to Tres Hermanos with my brothers and dad a few years back. He was smiling, and I could tell he was hanging on every word.

“Pandora, are you-?” Richard started to ask before he wiped away my tear.

He stood up and switched sides so he could sit by me. He wrapped his arms around me.

“I-I'm sorry…”

He smiled softly. “It’s okay to miss your dad.”

 “I just wish I could see him again.”


After our date Richard dropped me off. Matt, one of my roommates, noticed something was wrong.

“Hey, Richard didn’t upset you on your date, did he?”

I shook my head. “We went to Tres Hermanos.”

He nodded in understanding. “That got you thinking about your Dad again, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, it did,” I replied. “I know that if I miss him Twin can bring back his spirit for a while, but I wish I had one more day with him…”

“I understand. Maybe you can talk to that guy who gave you that coin shaped necklace. Didn’t he say he owed you a favor? Maybe that’s something he can do. You never know these days.”

Matt was right. With most of my close friends and I having powers that fit our personalities anything was possible. Too bad I didn’t know Daniel Harrison too well. If I knew him better maybe I could guess what his powers would be. All I knew about him was that he liked to keep to himself. I had saved his life about a year ago, and afterwards when I went to check if he was going to be okay or if he wanted some help until he got better he gave me a coin because he said he felt he owed me and left. I got the sense that he liked his solitude.

“Do you really think he can?” I asked.

“I think there’s no harm in asking.”

I pulled the coin off and flipped it like Daniel had told me to. I didn't understand how it’d work, but Daniel showed up in our living room.

“Hey Pandora, you summoned me?”

I nodded biting my lip. “I was wondering if you can help me with something…”

I think he could tell I was nervous.

“What do you need help with?”

“I was wondering if you could- I miss my Dad…”

How could I ask a stranger to bring back my dad? Daniel and I barely knew each other, and I didn’t want my first real conversation with him to be a sob story about my dad. I gulped.

“Pandora was wondering if there was a way you could bring her father back even if it's just for a short time.”

“Where is your father exactly, Pandora?”

I gulped again. “He passed away about five years ago. I’m sorry about that.”

“It's okay there’s no reason to apologize. You miss your dad, and that makes perfect sense. And I can make it happen, but it may take a while. What time is it?” He looked at the clock. “It’s ten o’clock now. I can probably get him here by noon tomorrow. Would that be okay?”

“That's totally okay. Thank you.”

“I can only bring him back for about twenty-four hours.”

I nodded. It was going to be tough, but I really missed him and wanted to see him again.

“I'll go get him then.”

Daniel vanished and I fell against the wall and slid to the floor.

“Pandora, are you okay?” Matt asked.

“Wh-what have I done?”

“What do you mean?”

“I-I'm going to see my Dad tomorrow. What if I freeze or breakdown or…?”

“I wish I could help, but I can’t take the day off so short notice. Maybe Twin can be there with you.”

“What if he’s mad that I brought him back for a day?”

Matt sat beside me and put an arm around me. “Nonsense. Your father would be more than happy to see you and be able to hang out with you. He misses you, too. You are aware of that, right?”

“I sometimes doubt that…”

“Well stop doubting it. You were your father’s badass little princess, and he was proud of everything you did. He probably hates not being able to see you graduate and start college. If you want someone with you, and for some reason Twin can’t be there for you maybe you can ask Richard.”


“Calm down. You can do this. I know you can.”

I hugged him tight. “Thanks Matt. You always know what to say.”


I couldn't sleep that night. I was too nervous and too excited to see my father again. Richard had agreed to go with me. My mind was racing. Would my Dad be proud of who I am? What I was doing? How would it feel to get another hug from him? Where should we all hang out?

I could not for the life of me turn off my brain, although I wish I could sleep because I wanted to be well rested to see my father. I only had a limited time with him.

I guess I was able to fall asleep because the next thing I knew I was waking up to a phone call. I picked up my phone and answered it.


“Hey Pandora, I just wanted to make sure you’re awake. Daniel said he’d be coming over at noon and it’s about eleven-thirty,” Matt said.

“What? Why didn’t my alarm wake me?”

“Twin told me you couldn’t sleep, so I turned it off.”

“Thanks,” I replied as I climbed out of bed.

As I was getting ready there was a knock on my door. I opened it and Richard was there for me. He looked slightly nervous.

I smiled. “Come on in. I was just finishing getting ready. Do you want anything to drink? We have water, juice, Coke?”

“I'll take a Coke, please?”

I grabbed him a can out of the fridge then went to finish getting ready. I was wearing black leggings and a blood red tank top. I decided to wear mascara, eyeliner, and my favorite lipstick to show Dad one of my new habits since he had passed away. When I was a teenager I was very anti-makeup; in fact, my older brother wore more makeup than me. The tank top could show him the tattoo I had gotten a few months ago honoring him.

My hair was left in a side ponytail and thanks to a braid the night before my hair had gorgeous waves.

I walked to the living room and looked at the clock.

“Oh my God,” I groaned. “Dad’s going to be here soon.”

I went weak in the knees.

“I found your dad.”

I gasped and fell. I turned around at the voice. Daniel was standing there by my dad. I was frozen. I was so shocked to see my Dad alive for the first time since his passing. Dad walked over to me and helped me up then hugged me tight. 

“I've missed you, Bright Eyes.”

I broke down crying in my father’s arms. It was the ugly, causing me to stop breathing, kind of crying. I was fully overwhelmed. I was happy he was here with me again. But I was still fully aware that he was going to leave me again. I felt like I had made a huge mistake. What if I wasn’t ready for this?

“Pandora, breathe, kiddo,” Dad soothed as he gently rubbed my back. “I’m right here. Let it out, but don’t forget to breathe.”


Once I calmed down, Richard helped me to the couch while Dad went to make lunch for us.

“I'm sorry,” I whispered.

“Don’t worry about it. I would probably react the same way I was in your shoes.”

After a while Dad brought out a couple plates of hamburger helper. He handed us our plates then got us drinks. After that he served himself.

“Thanks for getting Coke,” Dad said. “So Daniel told me you wanted to spend the day with me; what do you want to do?”

“I wanted to go out, but I’m exhausted…”

“It’s okay. I understand.”

“How about we watch movies?” I suggested. “We have Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2.”

“That sounds great,” Dad commented. “They made a second Grown Ups movie?”

“I think it came out a few years after the first one. I’m not sure.”

I couldn't help but scratch my scarred left thumb. It was my usual nervous habit.

“I-I wanted to i-introduce you to Richard.”

Dad extended a hand toward Richard. “Nice to meet you, Richard.”

Richard shook his hand and nodded as he finished chewing a bite. “Nice to meet you as well. Pandora speaks very highly of you.”

“She does?”

I blushed as I took another bite.

“Did I see you have a tattoo, Panda?”

I blushed even deeper as I swallowed. “Yeah, I have a tattoo in your honor.”

I put my plate down and showed him my tattoo. The tattoo was a black and turquoise feather that read ‘In Loving Memory’ above the feather and ‘Keith Gabbert’ below the feather on my right shoulder.

“It looks really cool, kiddo.”

“When’d you get it?”

“I got it a couple months ago.”

I couldn’t help but blush. It had been so long since I talked to my Dad like this.

As I went back to eating, Dad asked, “What else is new?”

“I’m attending a college program that will get me my bachelor’s degree in creative writing at an online school, Full Sail University. I’ve published a book called Head Hunters, and I’m working on the sequel as well. Oh, and I have a job at the local library.”



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8/4/16 The Time Machines

This piece is just the beginning of me learning how strong my memories are when they are attached to music one way or another. 

The Time Machines


( 06 )


7/15/17 Glamour: Random Acts of Courage 

This was me emulating an article I saw in a piece I saw in Glamour. On my number seven it's supposed to say "I've been going to school since October 2014"

Glamour: Random Acts of Courage

9/3/17 Treasured Memories

I'm very proud of this piece. In this one I wanted to show my family and friends how much they meant to me. I asked my brother Adam if I could share this here since I used his quote at the beginning of the post. I may not keep in touch with everyone I wrote about, but I do still hold these memories in high regard. 

Treasured Memories


( 07 )


2/28/18 My Childhood Superheroes  

I wrote about my four favorite cast of superheroes when I was a kid growing up. 

My Childhood Superheroes

6/7/18 The Porcelain Beauty

This is one of the poems I'm most proud of of. It was brought up when I saw a picture of a girl I used to go to school with in my memories on Facebook. I loved this poem so much I was able to add it to the October issue (issue six) of the Global Writing Community E-magazine.

The Porcelain Beauty

7/28/18 Treasured Memories Part II

In this piece I updated some memories for people I wrote about in part one, and I added others as well. Again, I may not keep in touch with everyone I wrote about, but I do still hold these memories in high regard. 

Treasured Memories Part II


( 08 )


1/6/19 Strong Women in Fiction 

After hearing there weren't enough strong women in fiction at the present time or when I was growing up I had to write about how that people were clearly misinformed. I had never once had a lack of females to look up to in fiction while growing up and same could be said for today. 

Strong Women in Fiction

3/9/19 Remembering Who Loves You

This was a writing prompt from an Accpountabilibuddy (a writing friend who keeps you on your goals: the ones you verbalize and the ones they think you should have for yourself). It's a rendition of A Christmas Carol but without a Scrooge, more of a more melancholy main character than a cranky one. 

Remembering Who Loves You

3/12/19 Representation Matters

Inspired by time with my niece I explain why there should be more inclusive characters with disabilities sharing the good and bad sides of those disabilities. I also feature a friend's drawing of me with my forearm crutches here. 

Representation is Important

8/4/19 My Start Story 

Inspired by the My Start Stories on Start TV, I decided to emulate them but in blog form. I'm really proud of it. 

My Start Story

9/29/19 Chloe's Nightmare

This story was originally just a short story inspired by a conversation between my best friend and sister and me, but it quickly grew into a life of it's own in my Head Hunters' universe. It became my first solo transmedia project. It also showed me how to really get into the mind of my Head Hunters'. I was was so proud of this story that this was my very first submission and got into the first issue of the Global Writing Community E-magazine. 


Chloe's Nightmare 

( 09 )



Aug 2020 Would an Apology Truly Help (Book Review)?

This is my book review for The Apology by Eve Ensler. It was in Issue 4 of the Global Writing Community E-Magazine. 

Would an Apology Truly Help (Book Review)?

Sept 2020 Could You be a Champion's Squire (Book Review)?

This is my book review for The Champion's Squire by Elana A. Mugdan. I was actually able to get in touch with this author to add her website and get a little extra information. It was in Issue 5 of the Global Writing Community E-magazine. 

Could You be a Champion's Squire (Book Review)?

Oct 2020 A Second Shot of Life at the End of the World (Book Review) 

This is my book review for Nephrys Darkwater's book, Lotus. I was also able to get ahold of this author to get extra information to add after this review like where to find her on social media. The review came out in Issue 6 of the Global Writing Community E-Magazine. 

A Second Shot of Life at the End at the End of the World

Nov 2020 We Can All be Difficult Women (Book Review)

The book review for In Praise for Difficult Women by Karen Karbo is very different because it talks about some of why we should be fascinated by twenty-nine women of history. I chose to highlight three of those women. The review came out in Issue 7 of the Global Writing Community E-magazine.  

We Can All be Difficult Women

12/3/20 I published three pieces that day, so they'll all be below. 

Does Scoobtober Deliver (TV Review)?

This was my first TV review, and I was really lucky to have two editors who really wanted to watch it but ended up missing it. Their edits and suggestions really helped. 

Would You Change Yourself to Avoid Being Turkey Dropped (Movie Review)? 

This is my first movie review.

Have You Heard of the Little Red Wolf (Book Review)? 

This book review is for The Little Red Wolf by Amémie Fléchais (illustrator), Andrea Colvin (editor), and Jeremy Melloul (translator). I chose to not only share my thoughts on the book but my niece's book as well because she was in the age range of what the author was going for. 

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